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AI & Advanced Analytics
2019 Accelerator

The Government Wants
Innovative Technology

But companies can’t decipher the rules & regulations to get in the door

That’s Where
We Come In

Dcode is a stage-agnostic technology accelerator that helps emerging technologies break down barriers and go-to-market quickly in the federal government.

We help emerging tech companies and government get to the future faster.

Dcode creates a stronger future for government, its missions, and citizens.

technologies accelerated



The fastest time to revenue

federal agencies & programs



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Dcode runs a three-month accelerator program that helps emerging tech companies ‘break the code’ of working with the government quickly. Companies selected for our accelerator programs receive strategic support and exposure in all of the business areas critical to go-to-market successfully in government:


With access to both industry and government, Dcode’s networking program helps companies connect directly with hundreds of agencies and potential corporate partners. We also help companies gain quick name recognition through press and events.

Go-To-Market Strategic Support

The government market is complicated, nuanced, and has its own language (all those acronyms!). So we roll up our sleeves helping our companies get up to speed and on the road to government success. This includes: getting on contracting vehicles, developing government-specific marketing, pricing, and channels, providing education on security compliance, and assisting with tech roadmaps. Participants graduate with a PhD in government and a rock-solid go-to-market plan of attack.

Bidding and Winning

When the time comes to bid on contracts, we provide the support and know-how companies need to win, up to and including proposal reviews. Using strategic contracting vehicles, we help agencies find the technologies they need, faster.

Post Graduation

Our alumni enjoy a lifetime of support, advice, and access to the invaluable Dcode community. Additional services might include: business development, marketing, trading and more. To elaborately speak about the services we provide for trading and business development, it includes digital currency and stock trading which is the pioneer of the financial industry and provides more opportunities to earn high profits. One of the best ways to earn profits is by executing trades through automated trading apps like bitiq. If you are interested in learning more about BitIQ, consider visiting bitiq 2022 website. BitIQ can also be used to make short-term price predictions and execute successful trades.


An entire army of industry experts, former government executives, and corporate partners stand ready to help our companies take off. Even if you have previous government experience, you’ll find our network one-of-a-kind.


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