Forget the Fortune 500: with a $3.5 trillion budget, the U.S. government is the “Fortune One” consumer of technology products and services. With more than 4.2 million employees (many of whom still use Blackberry), it’s the largest enterprise customer in the world. But most entrepreneurs don’t want to work with government.


This market is ready for disruption.


Incumbents are fat and happy. The same firms have dominated this market for the past decade, ensuring that antiquated, legacy solutions remain in place. There are fewer start-ups competing in this huge market, and 23% of contracts must be awarded to small businesses.


Be part of the solution. Solve big problems. Grow your market. Increase revenues and mitigate financial risk. Enhance your brand.


Change the game.


Dcode42 was founded to help the government become more attractive and accessible to critical innovative technology firms. We’re not just an on-ramp for innovation, but a hub that government and industry partners alike to look to for “what’s next.”


Dcode42 is a selective program. By admitting only a few companies into each class, our program focuses on maximizing each participant’s success rather than on pushing large numbers of companies through. Our comprehensive hands-on approach is unique in the industry, providing the extensive array of services and networks that we ourselves wish we had been able to access when starting our own federal businesses in the past.


The foundation of the Dcode42 program is the exceptionally deep expertise provided by our seasoned team. Collectively, we have over fifty years of experience working with the federal government in all areas of business.


But we don’t stop with our people. We offer access to a network of services that will put you even further ahead, including lobbyists, government PR specialists, Government resources, CPAs with government expertise, large prime contractors, small business partners and more. Whatever barriers you face in getting your innovation into the government, we are here to break them down.


In December of 1842, Samuel Morse convinced the U.S. Congress that his technology could change the world - and it did.

Using a roll of wire to send messages back and forth between two Capitol committee rooms, Morse demonstrated his groundbreaking new technology to members of Congress and persuaded them to award him a $30,000 contract to construct a telegraph line between Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. The new ability to send messages instantly across the miles revolutionized communication for the government, the United States, and the world.


Samuel Morse was not the first person with an idea for the telegraph, but he understood how to work with government to turn his idea into one of the leading innovations in American history.


Imagine if Morse had needed to hire proposal writers, attorneys, marketing specialists, accountants, lobbyists, and business development representatives just to get in the door. Would he have even bothered? And what would our world look like now if he hadn’t?


For today’s innovators, the endless acronyms, confusing registration requirements, and lack of clarity act as a nearly indecipherable code that discourages small and medium companies from doing business with the government. As a result, critically needed innovation is not reaching the government, and companies are missing out on an $84 billion untapped market.


At Dcode42, we draw inspiration from Samuel Morse’s story and that fateful “demo day” in 1842. We are here to tear down barriers to entry and help you break the code. Our intensive program sets your company up to successfully do business with one of the most lucrative markets in the world, the U.S. government.


Is your technology the next game changer?


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