Demo Day


The culmination of each cohort cycle, Demo Day sees each cohort company present its technology before an audience of government leaders, first-class innovators, and venture capitalists.

Speakers include:

James Harris, CTO, Defense Intelligence Agency

Elizabeth Pemmerl, Head of Federal, GitHub


Join us June 28 to experience this extraordinary event.

Tuesday, June 28 7:42 am – 11:30 am

Prequel, Washington, D.C

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7:42 a.m — Check-In and Networking Breakfast

8:30 a.m — Fireside chat

9:00 a.m — Technology Quick Pitches/Demos

10:00 a.m — Networking and Technology Connections

11:00 a.m — Closing Remarks

Meet the Spring 2016 Cohort Companies

APImetrics is an intelligent, analytics-driven API performance monitoring solution that leverages AI and machine learning to monitor fine-grained performance and availability — giving a true, accurate picture of API behavior. This precise analysis identifies bottlenecks and root causes, eliminating the need for expensive, unnecessary fixes.

Cyara’s patented technology enables you to easily mimic common (and uncommon) stakeholder behaviors in live interactions. Proactively monitor your stakeholder experience, manage deployment risks, keep projects on time, and keep pace with your stakeholders’ expectations.

Breach Intelligence’s unique memory augmentation platform Polarity analyzes the contents of security and IT professionals’ computer screens to provide real-time access to information that’s relevant to what you’re working on, as you’re working on it – all without you lifting a finger. Polarity recognizes what’s on users’ computer screens and automatically overlays relevant context information to improve and speed decision-making.

Shibumi is no ordinary project management tool. With high-level security, the cloud-based application allows you to easily communicate goals and initiatives with your team and react to change in real time without having to call status meetings—meaning fewer meetings, more action, and better results.

Designed by Navy veterans with an eye towards the needs of the 21st century government, Crossdeck enables a mobile-first, distributed workforce to synchronize around training, operational readiness, and daily workflows. Crossdeck is radically improving efficiency and data analytics opportunities for distributed workforces across a spectrum of agencies.

Skyhigh Networks allows private and public sector enterprises to safely adopt cloud services while meeting their security, compliance, and governance requirements. Users leverage Skyhigh to gain visibility, manage threats, ensure compliance and protect data across both shadow and sanctioned cloud services.

Captricity’s platform is the world’s most accurate data capture solution for complex handwritten and typed forms, offering fast, secure access to transactional and legacy data trapped on static documents and paper forms. Captricity captures data with a proven 99.9%+ accuracy and convert it into formats ready for ingestion into numerous business applications.

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