Frequently Asked Questions


No! A majority of the program is conducted remotely. We ask companies to come to town 3 times during the three month program. We give you plenty of time to plan and book travel!
We’ve designed the program understanding that you have businesses to run. The time commitment is from 6-8 hours per week. We’ve also designed the program to include relevant folks…for example, when we are covering marketing, we only need your marketing team. This reduces the time commitment from just a single person.
No! Many of our companies are in this stage. We support your federal leads by helping them ramp up your government program more rapidly with extra support team. Think of it as a kickstart. We also help educate and train the rest of your teams so your government lead has the support they need.
No. We are looking for great technologies that can impact the government. The program is designed for Company that:

  • Have some traction in the federal market, but still in earlier stages of standing up a government practice. These companies may have a few contracts or a dedicated Federal team with prior experience.
  • Are completely new to the Federal government looking to get to success quickly.
The program has two tracks for companies of different sizes:

  • Startups track, for companies with $2 to $14M in revenue and/or funding.
  • Emerging growth track, for companies with $14-150M in revenue and/or funding.
All applicants are put through our review process. We evaluate firms based on their market fit in government, existing customer traction, level of innovation for their approach/solution, financials and more. We also look for the “squishy” stuff, like founder/company culture, and drive to ‘change the way the country runs’.
We will give a few extra points to companies that come to us from our trusted friends in the venture capital community, government, and other accelerators. Have a connection? Make sure to list it! Recommendations never hurt.
Once an application is received, is it put through our initial reviews. Companies that pass the initial review process are invited for an in-person or video interview and demo. After the application period closes, we will make our final selections. Companies will be notified at each stage of the process!
Yes. For companies selected, there is a small participation cost. This helps offset the cost for us to run the extensive program and mentor network. We also build in a margin on wins or an exchange of equity post graduation to make sure we have a vested interest in your success.
Once in the Docde42 family, always in the Dcode42 family. We run an alumni program for all of our companies to make sure you continue to succeed. Alumni companies are also invited back to all of our networking events, demo days, and more.