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Technologies that create efficiencies around monetary transactions; more securely enable individuals, devices, and organizations to verify, transact and communicate with one another; and provide an auditable and authoritative record or these transactions will have massive effects across the economy in the coming decades. Two prominent areas of technology where products are being developed to solve these problems are fintech and blockchain. If government works to adopt these technologies at the speed of the private sector, there could be massive benefits to issues surrounding fraud, payments and benefits, the security and auditability of the supply chain, and possibly eliminate the need for humans to sit in the middle of contracts, transactions, and verifications.

Dcode42 is excited to announce our Fall 2017 Accelerator Program that will focus on supporting the public sector go-to-market for companies building fintech and blockchain products. The 3 month program selects 6-10 of the most promising companies in this space and prepares them break into the market and change the way the government runs.

Applications Are Open NOW - August 9th!

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