After approximately six months, each company will graduate from the program with a solid foundation for success. Companies complete the program with a full portfolio containing everything they need to “go government” and win contracts. This portfolio includes:


              An actionable government strategic plan

              Government-tailored marketing materials

              Government prototype architecture

              A pipeline of government opportunities

              Two to three resellers in your government partner channel

              An answer for “How do I get to you?” with your products on contract vehicles

              At least one proposal submitted

              Critical network of teaming partners

              Trained employees with the skillsets to market, sell, and deliver in the government market



Post-Graduation Support

For Dcode42, our relationship doesn’t end when you complete the program. Our focus on long-term relationships means that you're always part of Dcode42, no matter when you've graduated. After your company graduates from the program, there’s no need to spend money and resources hiring a full staff of support staff. Dcode42 can continue to provide the support services your company needs until you’re ready to insource. These services include:


                          Business Development

                           Business development representatives for government product or products


                           Marketing Support

                           Dedicated marketing support to update your strategy and materials


                           Conferences and Networking

                           Invitations to industry conferences and exclusive networking events


                           Continuing Education

                           Keep expanding your knowledge both online and in person with our courses and lectures.


                           RFI and Proposal Development Support

                           Ongoing support for responding to RFIs and developing proposals


                           Channel Partner Training

                           Prepare your channel partners to effectively sell your product


                           Consulting Services

                           Experienced consultants in the government space to supplement your staffing


                           HubZone Access

                           Access to our Historically Underused Business (HubZone) and other contract vehicles

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